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Author: Sri Aurobindo
Publisher: SABDA Publications India(1-Jul-95)
Edition: 1-Jul-95
ISBN-13: 9788170583158
Publishing year: SABDA Publications India
No of pages: 192 Pages
Weight: 204g
Language: English
Book binding: Paperback

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A.S.Dalal,an ardent devotee of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother has written a series of ten thought provoking books culled from the works of the Master and the Mother.These books have gained huge popularity.

In essence,evolution is the progressive emergence of higher evils of consciousness.With the appearance of man,evolution has become an increasingly more conscious and accelerated process,in contrast to the unconscious and tardy development in the pre-human stages.Inner growth is the rapid process of "conscious evolution".It's goal is development beyond what is now the normal human consciousness towards a total reversal of the present state,a brth into a new consciousness.Using quotations from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother,this book attempts to throw light on the psychological processes,methods,conditions,difficulties,and inner eexperiences of such transformation.The reader who can be receptive to the consciousness of the masters with which their words are infused is apt to find the "helpful not only in understanding but also in fostering inner development. The selections have been compiled by A.S.Dalal.The other books are Powers Within,The Hidden Forces of Life,,Looking From Within and The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams.All the books are listed with amazon.. The selections in this compilation provide an overview of the meaning, nature, and processes of inner development. These include the first awakening of consciousness, the basic requisites and initial stages of inner growth, the individual means and methods to grow in consciousness, some of the difficulties and pitfalls along the way, and the eventual new birth into a spiritual life that comes from a reversal of consciousness. The focus of the book is inner growth as an experiential process based on certain universal psychological elements and principles, and its purpose is to help seekers understand and recognise the processes and experiences of inner development and foster its growth in their lives